7-Second Thoughts February 15, 2022

When 300K hits a day aren’t enough

You’ve got killer SEO but sales are underwhelming.

You’ve got it all.

SEO, gorgeous website and a fabulous product.

But none of them are moving the needle.

More than likely

You don’t have the words

That make it crystal clear

Why your customer can’t live

Without your product or service.

Yesterday we talked about making sure

You solve the #1 problem your prospect
Is coming to you for first.

The second thing is to make it insanely easy to buy from you.

I’m here,


P.S. It might be as simple as changing that very first button. The one they call “the cash register.” People want to know what happens when they click it. If they’re not sure – or if it sounds like work – they head for the exits.

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