7-Second Thoughts September 12, 2023

When bold is not gold

If you over-bold, it might be the only thing that your prospect reads.

This past weekend the kiddos started choir at Sunday school

In the days leading up to their first day

An email went out to parents telling them to attend the first 30 minutes of their child’s first day.

Out of 15 kids, only 1 kid’s parents came to class.


Because the email that went out explaining this

Had lots of bold

But the part about parents needing to show up

Was not bolded

And parents

Just like your prospect

Tend to either skip right to the shiny parts

At the expense of everything else.

See if this helps*

In your prospect outreach

If you find yourself needing to call out the important stuff

You might be sending a message to your prospect

That not everything’s worth reading


Make the entire email short


And “bold worthy”

Without the bold.

I’m here,


P.S. Yes, I did use bold but the sentence is so short and part of the flow of the email that it’s not enough to skip to or skip over. Does that make sense?

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