7-Second Thoughts October 3, 2023

When to work for free

Doing pro bono work is good for everyone, including your business.

Graphic designer, copywriter, and friend of the list Dave Wilson turned me onto an idea the other day:

He makes sure he allocates part of his work week for pro bono work.

He said it helps him stay sharp

Adds to his portfolio

And keeps him in a generous mindset.

See if this helps:

You might reach out to a non profit or business in need that you’re passionate about

And throw yourself at their mercy

Offering to do work that’s good for them

And only them.

According to Dave, you mind wind up with the best work of your career

And …

Not that you’re entering into this with any kind of expectation

But you might also end up with

A referral for paid work.

I’m here,


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