7-Second Thoughts March 15, 2023

When your brand story is too big for your brand

Your entire brand story might not fit on your homepage or even your whole website.

If you know about StoryBrand

Or brand narratives in general

They ask you to ask yourself questions about the person coming to your website.

Here are 3 sample questions from StoryBrand:

  1. Who is your prospect?
  2. What is the problem your prospect is coming to you to solve?
  3. How does your prospect feel about NOT being able to solve it themselves?

But no matter which brand of story you use:

Answering prospect-based questions will definitely help you define your website’s first 7 seconds.

But beyond your first 7 seconds …

The answers to those questions

Are often better left to generate an infinite amount of ideas

Yes, I mean that literally

Literally an infinite amount of ideas

That will allow you to write an email newsletter

Quickly and consistently

That PROMOTES your website

By bringing it directly

To your prospect.

I’m here,


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