7-Second Thoughts January 27, 2023

When your prospect draws a blank

Make sure your website does everything it can to prevent your prospect from feeling stupid.

You know that feeling when you can’t find your car keys?

Or an item on your list at the grocery store?

Or when a website asks, “What’s your goal?”

I don’t know! I can’t find it! I swear it was just here!

That’s your prospect drawing a blank mind.

Here’s the thing:

Asking open-ended questions

Using words with definitions that could be interpreted differently from your prospect

Or worse, not knowing how or even where to do business with you

Might be the #1 leading causes of people bolting your website

Or a sale, for that matter.

See if this helps:

Make sure your prospect knows where to find things on your website

What those things mean to THEM

And what to do next to do business with you.

All of the above can go a long way toward making your prospect feel smart for reading your website

And buying from you.

I’m here,


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