7-Second Thoughts January 20, 2023

Where to put your Spielberg

There’s a time and place to turn your website’s lens around to you.

Maybe you have 4 dogs, homeschool your kids, or have a poignant anecdote about meeting a famous director when you were 16*

Where does something like that go on your website?

See if this helps:

If you’ve got a ripping good yarn you’re dying to tell

You might hide it

Almost like an Easter egg

As a reward to your reader

For making it fairly deep into your website

For the purpose of making your prospect think:

Hot damn, this person is offering so much value on this website

That they had to put a really cool story

That could’ve easily been front page news

At the very end.

I’m here,


P.S. You’ll see an example of what I’m calling a “Spielberg” at the very end of Steven’s latest film “The Fableman’s” which I HIGHLY recommend.

*Even something like – I dunno – your parents getting back together after having been divorced 44 years ????

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