7-Second Thoughts February 20, 2023

Who are your people?

Which group is the most receptive to the value your business offers?

The formula for your first 7 seconds contains a target market:


So … who are “these people?”

Your people are simply whomever you identify as the profession, industry or vertical most likely to benefit from your product or services.

See if this helps:

If you’re not sure who would appreciate what you offer

Start thinking of your ideal prospect

Ideally, ones you’ve already worked with

Or even the ones your competitors work with that you believe you could serve better

Then …

Plug various professions into the first part of your headline:

I help attorneys

I teach school administrators

I coach physicians

I empower H.R. managers

I work with CEOs

Until your prospects start to raise their hand

And say

That’s me!

In the form of responses to your emails

Social posts

Or scooping up a spot on your calendar.

I’m here,


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