7-Second Thoughts December 12, 2023

Who owes who?

If your client knows their business better than you’ll ever hope to, they owe you what you need to help them.

The source of so much dissatisfaction

Among clients of marketing agencies

Comes from the client waiting to see

What sort of magic

The so-called creatives

Have cooked up

Which often leads to:

Guessing at what the client wants

Blown budgets

Unmet expectations

One of the definitions of unhappiness

And most importantly




See if this helps:

What if you put the bulk of your efforts

Toward pulling the insight

From the minds of your clients

Concerning the people

That are the source

Of every last dollar

Of their revenue*

I’m here,


*That kind of insight leads to content that writes itself – during whatever hours the client prefers to meet with you. Which is never, ever, ever on a weekend.

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