7-Second Thoughts February 11, 2023

Who would you walk away from?

In 7 seconds or less.

Now that you’ve written what you do and why your prospect should care

In 7 seconds or less

It’s time to put that headline to the test and ask yourself:

Who would you walk away from

In 7 second or less?

Asking yourself what business you would walk away from acts as a kind of stress test for that first headline of your website

And here’s why:

It forces you to ask yourself the tough questions*

1. Is this something I want to do?

2. Who is this for?

3. Who is this not for?

4. And do these first 7 seconds interest me enough to write quickly and consistently about my business?


1. You probably won’t know until you try.

2. You could try picking a specific person or a broad category

3. Thinking about who your ideal prospect is NOT can help you think of who your ideal one is

4. Again, you won’t know til you put yourself out there.

  • Set a timer for 25 minutes and send that first email to someone
  • Anyone
  • Even if it’s just yourself
  • Or me 🙂

I’m here,


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