7-Second Thoughts July 31, 2023

Why do you want to connect?

If your prospect asks you this question on LinkedIn, it’s probably a lead.

On occasion

Perhaps twice a month

I’ll reach out to connect with someone on LinkedIn

And receive what at first

Feels like a prickly reply:

Why do you want to connect?

Which kiiiiiinda comes across like:

What do YOU want?!

Here’s the thing:

If you get that kind of response

Answer with a kind word about their profile

Or website

Along with a question concerning something

Anything, really

That might lead to a solution

That you’re supremely confident

You can provide.

For example:

PROSPECT: Why do you want to connect?

KEVIN: You’ve got a really nice website. Are you booking a lot of appointments from it?

PROSPECT: Actually, no. We haven’t booked a call from it in years.

KEVIN: Just a thought here, but one thing you might try is …

And whatever that answer is – at least so far – starts a conversation 100% of the time. Not even kidding.

All from a not so perfect start.

I’m here,


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