7-Second Thoughts August 1, 2023

Why guess at the outcome?

Don’t let fear keep you from offering what might be exceptional value to your prospect.

You’ve got an idea for a new product or service

And then the Doubt Demons have their say:

They’ll never go for it

It’ll take too much time

It’s not on-brand

Here’s the thing:

Instead of succumbing to your resistance

Welcome your prospect’s resistance

See if this helps:

Schedule informal interviews

With colleagues, friends and even family

In your target market

And peg them with enough questions

To get them thinking

And ultimately


We tried that in the past and here’s some of the problems we ran into …

It wouldn’t work for us, but it might work for these people

I don’t like it as-is, but what if you …

Here’s the thing:

Take it to your interview(s)

And get it out there

Listen to what your buyers respond to.

They have your answer

Your brain does not.

I’m here,


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