7-Second Thoughts February 15, 2023

Why put your name in your first 7 seconds?

Having a first and last name solves a very big problem for your prospect.

My friend Jared got these really nice looking glasses so naturally I said to him:

“Nice glasses”

Which Jared responded in typical Jared fashion with

A problem:

“I wasted a lot of money on my last pair of glasses because they weren’t the right prescription. But this guy I went to see was some kind of eyeglasses ninja and was the only one who could figure it out. He’s like OBSESSED with eyeglasses AND he’s a doctor!”

As luck would have it, I had experienced the same problem that also resulted in wasted money so I naturally asked:

Where’d you go?

And he said:

Target Optical

Now, if Jared had started with Target Optical being the answer to his problem, I would’ve ignored everything after that.

No way a big box store can solve MY problem ????

But because he started with a human being, it unknowingly solved an even bigger problem:

Who do I ask for?

And in this case, the answer wasn’t Target

It was Dr. Michael Wallerich.

Here’s the thing:

Before your prospect will do business with you, they want one thing:

Your undivided attention

Emphasis on the “your”

Putting your first and last name at the very top of your website

Lets your prospect know that

If they decide to trust you to solve their problem

They’re not going to get just anyone

They’re going to get the best.

I’m here,


P.S. Apparently, each Target Optical is individually owned by the doctor that runs that particular store. Right on, ????

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