7-Second Thoughts August 21, 2021

Why we banned “we understand” from our websites

When a business says “we understand your problem” on their website, prospects can smell the phoniness from a mile away. To get people to sincerely believe that you understand the challenge they’re facing, ask yourself this one question: “How does your prospect feel about their problem?”

I promise it won’t lead to the touchy-feely squishiness you’re afraid of.

No one wants that.

Instead, the answer will lead you to the words that convince your prospect that you’re the only one who can help them.

Case in point: We were on a call with a telematics company down in Texas when we came to the dreaded “how does your prospect feel” question. The CEO wasn’t buying it:

Our prospects hate that “understand” sh*t.

And I could see why. The people coming to their website are IT directors. And their problem is that they’re getting blamed for all the communication breakdowns in their company but don’t have the tools to predict it, much less troubleshoot it.

So when we circled back to “how do they feel about being blamed?” the founder pulled out this gem: They feel like their day is nothing but “problems that never go away.”

Those are words that get IT directors nodding.

Yup, these people get me.

“Problems that never go away.” Four simple words that do a lot better job letting people know you’re not just blowing smoke.

I’m here, Kevin

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