7-Second Thoughts August 31, 2021

Will Smith your website

Will Smith once said, “We’re not in the movie business. We’re in the movie trailer business.”

In other words, you have to get people interested in your story first

before they’ll come to the theater – or find you on Netflix 😉

Same goes for your business’s website. That first 7 seconds is just your trailer.

If you can show your prospect you have a very clear understanding of what they want,

they’ll stick around for the whole show.

See if this helps:

Today’s 7-Second Website: Trendex Product Samples, St. Paul, MN

Headline: A Better Way to Showcase Your Products

Subhead: Sales kits and material sampling designed to turn your prospects into buyers.

Trendex’s website visitors know within 7 seconds:

1. What Trendex does: Hey look, they do sales kits and sampling. That’s what I need!

2. Why they should care: They know what I ultimately want: to turn prospects into buyers.

I’m here,


P.S. Here’s why Trendex’s website is so different from their competitors. They make it really clear “we’re not in the product sample business. We’re in the “helping you sell your product business.”

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