7-Second Thoughts April 19, 2023

Accepting awards for your website

The only award for websites worth keeping is an accepted calendar invite from a prospect.

Nothing wrong with a Webbie

Or any other type of Oscars handed out for websites

Yes, it feels good to be recognized by peers

But you’ll find the ultimate prize in your inbox

In an email from someone you don’t know

With a subject line that says: “Accepted … “

Followed by the name of your calendar invite.

See if this helps:

Write your homepage so that it gives your prospect

A crystal clear activity to sign up for:

Could be a sales call

A webinar

Or a newsletter

But whatever the activity is

Rather than a general “Contact Us” button

Focus your entire home page

As if it were an ad

Laser-focused on that one thing

You’d like your prospect

To accept.

I’m here,


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