7-Second Thoughts July 30, 2023

Words before work

The company that writes together, stays together.

Before the workday begins at factories in Japan

And even at a Honda plant in South Carolina

As many as 600 workers gather for rajio taisō

A series of stretching, bending and calisthenics

Meant to warm up the body

And align their purpose.

See if this helps:

We’re working with several agencies now

Both consulting and creative types

To write to their client email lists

First thing in the morning

Before the workday begins

And here’s why:

Even though each employee has complete autonomy

To write about the value their company offers

The communal writing

Tends to align the team

And encourage each other

To keep publishing

In quick bursts

That help everyone develop insights


As we all know

Is the telltale sign

Of an expert.

I’m here,


P.S. You don’t have to identify as a writer to participate. Graphic designers, sales people, executive assistants — all have something to contribute. But the end result is the same – an army of free-thinking consultants.

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