7-Second Thoughts January 14, 2023

Write like you’re on your phone

Writing your business words doesn’t have to feel like writing.

Warning: Possible TMI

Say you’re in a place that might be considered

How do I say this …


Or perhaps


And you want to reply to an email or check LinkedIn

Whaddaya do?

You start typing, no?

Welp, does it feel like writing?

Not really. Kinda feels like you’re getting stuff done

And maybe a little bit like an escape.

It’s actually kind of fun

And productive!

And if you have kids, let’s face it, it is also blissfully private ????

See if this helps:

Try writing your business words in small amounts in unexpected places.

Bathrooms, waiting in line, as a quick break from doing the dishes

I’ve actually jotted stuff down in the shower ????????

If you break it down into little bits here and there

Literally 2-3 minutes – 5 tops

You’ll start to prove to yourself that writing about your own business

Can be done in very little time

And can feel almost effortless

Fun, even!

And here’s the kicker:

And I wish I understood the science or psychology behind this but …

You will have some of the best thoughts, ideas and insights about your business that you’ve ever had.

I’m here,


P.S. When we work together, I send out 1 question per day about your prospects. You don’t even have to answer it – just look at it. But if you do reply, it gets you used to the idea of something I’m calling microwriting.

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