7-Second Thoughts February 5, 2023

Write your website to Raghav

A mass audience is not hovering around the same screen reading your website.

It’s always going to be just one single person reading about what you do and why they should care.

Think about it:

Actors, podcasters and even radio deejays are forced to stare directly into a camera, screen or control board respectively

But each one of them has a trick:

They picture who they’re talking to in their mind

And throughout the scene, podcast or announcement

It’s always the same person.

See if this helps:

One of the many benefits of promoting your website

Through email or social media

Is how much easier it is to feel like you’re writing to just one person.

That way, over time, when you look back on the content from your emails or LinkedIn

Plucking what resonated most with your prospect

That content is now guaranteed to be laser-focused on an audience of one

Which makes it so much easier for your prospect to pay attention

To your business words.

I’m here,


P.S. This message was written with one of my many ideal clients in mind. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Raghav!

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