7-Second Thoughts July 5, 2024

You can kind of predict the future

Simply by showing up and reaching out to your people consistently.

Yesterday, we talked about Mark Cuban

Or “Cubes”

And how his system of morning emails

Gave him the one thing he lacked:

More control over his time

But that type of consistent email output

Has gifts that keep on giving

One of them being:

The ability to better time the market

Something our good buddy Cubes has done

With remarkable accuracy

See if this helps:

Consider starting or ending your day

Writing emails consistently

To a consistent audience

As a way of helping you see

Where your target market

Wants to be

And the problems

They want solved


I’m here,


P.S. Per yesterday’s email, that kind of fast, consistent output – what I call a boiler room – is the first thing we’ll build in Market Yourself First. It’s what allows you to start – and end – your prospecting in 25 minutes or less. Consider joining the waitlist here.

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