7-Second Thoughts December 6, 2023

You new here?

If your website is asking your prospect, “Are you new here?” please make it stop.

If you’ve ever gone to any kind of house of worship

There is nothing more counterproductive

Or just plain unfriendly

Than the phrase, “Are you new here?”

Because more than likely

The person you are asking that to

Ain’t new.

Nope, been comin’ here for 20 years. But thanks.

See if this helps:

If you want repeat visitors to your website

Consider taking down the pop-up

That’s basically saying to people

That you’re hoping will become good friends:

Who are you again?


Ask them to sign up for your email

And offer them a nice Welcome Letter

That gets a really, really, really big reply rate.

And a reply from a prospect

Is not something

You will soon forget.

I’m here,


P.S. My biggest reply-rate Welcome Email Template is here

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