7-Second Thoughts September 24, 2021

Your prospect does not want to “learn more”

If you want your prospect to care, try telling them how it’s going to feel after they buy from you.

See if this helps:

WEBSITE – Tie Boss Brand

FIRST 7 SECONDS: Lose the hassle, not your stuff. A multi-use tool that makes hoisting up and tying down a breeze. Funny thing is: 7 seconds into the website and you only know 2 things about this tool: 1. The benefit you get from it.

2. How it makes you feel Which is all you need to WANT to learn more.

I’m here,

Kevin P.S. Let’s get your website ready for The Next 100 Days. The work we put in now will prepare you with a steady pipeline of leads in the busiest time of the year. Schedule a 15-minute discovery session will ya?

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