7-Second Thoughts September 20, 2021

Your prospect is afraid of your website.

They’re afraid it’s going to: 1. Waste their time. 2. Make them feel stupid.

The good news is: your mission is clear.

1. State their problem clearly.

So they know they’re in the right place and not wasting their time.

2. State it in a way that only someone who knows their world could.

If you both get what it’s like to have this problem, you’re in the same boat and no one feels threatened.

See if this helps:

WEBSITE: Mayhill Consulting – Minneapolis, MN

FIRST 7 SECONDS: Exit, Transform or Turn Around Your Business

7 seconds into Mayhill’s website, their prospect knows that they’re in the right place.

And thanks to crystal clear messaging, brevity and a direct, no-nonsense manner, it’s obvious Mayhill respects their prospect’s time and intelligence.

7 words and 7 seconds later, their prospect has enough to let their guard down and decide if they want to dig a little deeper.

I’m here,


P.S. We doing ok? Imagine having a relationship like this with your own prospects and customers when they start looking forward to your emails. Schedule a discovery chat or reply now before it even hits your to-do list 🙂

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