7-Second Thoughts September 6, 2021

Your prospect is working for free

Every website essentially gives their visitors a honey-do list the second they arrive.

  1. Figure out what we do
  2. See if it’s right for your business

Here’s how to take a load off your prospect:

Make the first words they read entirely about them.

See if this helps:


Headline: Jared Miller Attorney at Law

Subhead: Consumer Financial Protection Law

Prospect To-Do List:

1. Figure out if that’s the kind of law I need.

2. Decide how that helps me.


Headline: Helping Minnesotans Fight Debt Collectors

Subhead: That’s it. No subhead. Just a 5-word headline.

Prospect To-Do List:

1. Contact Jared

2. Let him do his thing.

Bonus: His name is in the top left corner. Which leaves the headline all to his prospect. 🙂

I’m here,


P.S. Schedule a 7-Second Website Call. I make it easy on you. You pay it forward to your prospects. 😉

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