7-Second Thoughts December 19, 2023

Your prospect knows what they want

Your job is getting them to know what they never knew they wanted.

If your website comes right out and tells your prospect

We sell this!

They might think:

That ain’t what I want

And bounce.

If your website says:

We sell this!

And your reader thinks

That IS what I came for!

You’re still no further ahead

Because you haven’t put any value

Behind your price.

On the other hand:

If the very first thing your prospect reads is about a problem they did not know that they had

But one that feels awfully – even painfully – relevant

It might be just enough to get them to drop what they came for

And keep reading.

If you can cause that kind of disruption:

Your page will begin to add value

Drawing your prospect in

The deeper down the page they go

Eventually forgetting all about the problem they came to you for in the first place

Until …

Somewhere …

Down there …

Near the verrrrry end

And only because you led them this far

They see it

Right there:

Their poor


Pathetic little problem

That they now realize

Would’ve been a total waste

Of both time

And money

To solve.

I’m here,


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