7-Second Thoughts January 25, 2023

Your prospect wants to sip, not guzzle.

So much to say. So little of your prospect’s time to receive it.

In yesterday’s email “no new words,” we talked about the temptation to overwhelm your prospect with words on your website.

But what’s the alternative?

Hint: It’s not LinkedIn


You’ve tried LinkedIn and the lack of response and/or sales was

Shall we say

Soul crushing

And made you never want to write again

Allow me to make the case for email

The expectations are way lower.

It’s way more fun.

New sign-ups feel like a sale.

And the reply to an email leads to a much more intimate, private, 1 on 1 conversation

In other words:

Your ultimate goal.

I’m here,


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P.P.S. Parts I and II of this email inspired by fractional integrator wunderkind Kevin Hagemoser ????

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