7-Second Thoughts August 21, 2023

Your prospect is not a prospect … yet

And therefore your fear of losing them might be (and probably is) unfounded.

If you’re worried about your prospects tuning you out

Over LinkedIn

Or email

That is a valid concern

But only on the surface

But look carefully below

And you’ll see that if you’re afraid of your prospect


Or simply being turned off by what you say

You may not be offering enough value

To keep them

Or may be after the wrong prospect


See if this helps:

Just go for it.

Push through the fear

And dare to offer your reader

As much value as possible

As consistently

And quickly

As possible

Should your prospect bail

Consider this:

If you never had a conversation with them

Either through zoom


Or a direct message on LinkedIn

Then that prospect was never a prospect

What they were

Was someone giving you crucial feedback

That gave you the time and attention

To get better

At offering value

To the prospect who WILL


I’m here,


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