7-Second Thoughts May 24, 2023

Your resume on steroids

What if you sent out a continuously updated resume to an ever-expanding group of potential employers?

If you’re currently a fulltime employee

You might start to think of your email subscribers as potential employers

But rather than posting on LinkedIn

A place where you never really know whom you’re talking to, or if you’re talking to anyone at all,

An email subscriber list lets you hand select your prospects

Or potential new employers,

Build your fan base,

And hand deliver a resume of sorts

That’s not lumped in with your competitors

And does what a resume really ought to do:

Offer people you’d most want to work with

A sample

Of the value you can bring to their business

Right now.

I’m here,


P.S. I’m developing a 12-week course led by yours truly that helps people write to their prospects or future employers consistently, build their subscriber list and generate leads. Reply if you’d like to know more or wish to be a part of the beta group.

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