7-Second Thoughts December 20, 2023

Your website calculator is cheating!

The concept behind the website “cost savings calculator” is brilliant. Just save it for the sales call.

Here’s the racket:

Your classic website “cost savings calculator” asks the reader to enter some numbers with regard to how much money they’re currently spending to fix their problem.

After clicking the SUBMIT button, a variation of this message pops up:

If you worked with us, you’d save X amount of money!

Unless you’re on Geico, then it’s:

In 15 minutes, you could save X on car insurance

In other words …

Here’s what it costs to NOT do business with us.

But as convincing as it looks

It’s not enough to get your prospect to contact you

Or take any action at all

And here’s why:

Rather than making your prospect contact you

They feel abandoned

Yeah, that’s an impressive number. But WHO is going to help me achieve that?

See if this helps:

There IS absolutely a place for that kind of visual representation of the cost of not doing business with you:

A sales call.

After asking and probing and nudging and digging

Deeper and deeper into your prospect’s problem

There will come a point when you can bring up a digital whiteboard of any kind:

Whimsical®, Remarkable®, what have you

And in a noticably crude, unsophisticated, un-slick, ham-handed fashioned

The more crude, unslick, and ham-handed the better

Your prospect can watch you calculate all those numbers

By hand

Making it undeniably simple

And super in-your-face clear

That your number

Is preferable to theirs

Only your number

Is now inextricably linked

To a whole host of your prospect’s deeply personal challenges

And the person

Who is going to personally


Their bacon.

I’m here,


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