7-Second Thoughts September 22, 2021

Your website doesn’t need creepy A.I. spying stuff

The unfair advantage of being a successful business owner is that no one knows your prospect better than you.

You go to bed thinking about your prospect.

You wake up with ideas that could help their business.

Long after you’ve retired, you’ll still have vivid dreams about solving your prospect’s problems.

There are places on your website where you can let them know how invested you are in their business. The website I shared yesterday has a good bit of that:

WEBSITE: Hendry Wealth

Here are the 3 main outcomes of working with Hendry:

Stop paying hidden fees

Understand your portfolio

Be a confident investor

Understand your portfolio” is gold and here’s why.

Hendry has stated my problem: I feel dumb not knowing how to invest my money.

But now I know this website understands how I feel, that I’m clearly not alone, and that they’re confident I can learn to invest wisely.

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