7-Second Thoughts August 30, 2021

Your website has one job

The average person will give you 7 seconds to convince them to stay on your website. If your website can get that done, your prospect will slowly back away from their clicker finger and read about all the wonderful things you can do for them.

See if this helps:

Today’s 7-Second Website: Hanna Interpreting Services, Spring Valley, CA

Headline: Interpretation and Translation Made Simple

Subhead: A streamlined platform that lets you book high-quality language services fast

If you’re stressed about booking an interpreter, those first 7 seconds relieve your stress (oh good, this is going to be easy) and why you should care (these people are going to make me look good 🙂

I’m here,


P.S. If you need an interpreter, triple dog dare ya to leave Hanna’s website after 7 seconds. Got questions about your own website? Reply to this email with your current headline and ask for a free 1-minute video review!

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