7-Second Thoughts February 14, 2023

Your website is good enough

Dance with the one that brung ya ~ Darrell Royal, University of Texas football coach

You can wait until your website is perfect or you can reach out to your prospect directly today

Current website be damned!

Here’s the thing:

Your prospect just wants to hear from you

And they’re perfectly fine with your website

As long as you’re letting them know you exist

And here’s why:

Your website is “this is what I’ve done”

Whereas your email, social post or podcast episode is “this is what I’ve done for you lately.”

I’m here,


P.S. The more you reach out to your prospect directly, the more motivated you’ll be to rewrite your website. But when you do get around to your rewrite, you’ll know so much more about your prospect that you will knock that new one out of the park.

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