7-Second Thoughts September 27, 2021

Are there consequences to leaving your website?

Your prospect can check out anytime they like … but not without knowing what they’re missing.

Driving all the way to a store takes effort. If they don’t have what you want, you can always leave but … You drove all that way!

Your website, on the other hand, has none of that. If your prospect doesn’t like what they see in 7 seconds or less

they can “drive” to a million other stores in the blink of an eye.

Your 7-second mission: Get your prospect excited enough to stick around or “face the music” See if this helps:

WEBSITE: Earth Visions Travel – Bozeman, MT

FIRST 7 SECONDS: Vacation Time is Precious Time

Let’s check things off, shall we?

  1. Do you know what they do? Travel agency!
  2. Do you care? More than ever!
  3. What happens if you leave? ????

I’m here,


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