7-Second Thoughts May 12, 2023

Are you Tee-Emming™ your prospect?

If you are tempted to trademark your words, you might be tempting your prospect to flee.

As you’re writing your website


Or LinkedIn posts

Notice any phrases you’re using

That make you want to add a tiny little ™ or ©

The Such and Such System™

My Super Awesome Amazing Program © 2023

all rights reserved, any unlawful use punishable by … ☠️

Doing so can lull you into the false sense of security

That you’ve made the value of your offering

Inherently clear to your prospect.


Absolutely nothing wrong with protecting your intellectual property

But even if it is

patent pending

Without first putting in the words

That let your prospect know the value

Of the words you find worthy of even Title Caps

My Blankety Blank Whoziwhatzis!

Runs the risk of leaving your audience

With the sneaking suspicion

That what you are selling

Has more value to you

Than them.

I’m here,


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