7-Second Thoughts January 14, 2024

Barbenheimer your homepage

Your website homepage should come down to one monologue delivered in the Barbie movie. And here’s why:

The monologue delivered by the character played by America Ferrera could be delivered by any female struggling to live in a patriarchal world 

I say this with the utmost confidence

Not because I understand women

But because I clearly do not

Which is why my wife has delivered variations of America Ferrera’s speech to me



Dozens of times

Throughout our 12-year marriage

Yes, my wife is a phenomenal (and published) writer

And very much could have written it herself

But in this case, “Barbie” writer/director Greta Gerwig captures a litany of issues suffered by an entire half of the human race in a very, very, very, very, very specific way

With very specific phrases 

That have literally come from the minds and out of the mouths of women for generations

And will unfortunately have to continue to be delivered to us “Ken’s” for generations to come

But Greta/America/my wife does not stop there

Because of course

The rest of the movie does just as your website home page must do

It goes about solving that problem in a way that makes it certifiably impossible not to buy into the solution

That lays out an undeniable truth

Born from a clear, highly compelling insight into its audience

That is so honest

So true

And something all marketing should aspire to

Even marketing born from the Evil Empire itself


Who lets the director spend an hour and 54 minutes (at times literally) blowtorching their biggest moneymaker into smithereens


Because it makes money

Hand over fist

In the best way possible.

See if this helps:

If you’re a graphic designer or web developer on this list, I am working on a product that will help you write a homepage like the one I describe above for your clients without any involvement whatsoever from a copywriter such as myself

Reply for details.



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