7-Second Thoughts October 16, 2023

Base hits vs. home runs

When it comes to marketing your own business, please do not swing for the fences.

If I could go back in time to when I was first starting out in advertising

As a junior copywriter

At a little boutique agency

In the warehouse district of Minneapolis

I’d whisper into that guy’s ear:

Do your very best work for your clients

Really, knock your brains out

Go all-in

Make everything award-worthy

But when it comes to your own business

The business of marketing yourself for your next job

Just. Stay. Consistent.

Just. Get. On. Base.

Some days you’ll write killer content

Some days not so much

Just get it done quickly

The best you can

So you can get back to knocking it out of the park

For your client.

I’m here,


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