7-Second Thoughts November 28, 2022

Batch-it Crazy

You might fare better writing just a little bit at a time every day.

When I first started putting out daily content I took Monday’s off

So that I could take care of a whole week’s worth of writing

In just 1 day

Also known as “batching”

But at best it would only last 2 weeks in a row

Before I would start to unconsciously fill my Monday’s up

With more immediate revenue generating activities

While my business words writing practice

Ground to a halt.

See if this helps:

If you can whittle your writing time down to just 20 minutes or so

But do it every day

Or perhaps 5 days a week

All of a sudden

It feels less burdensome

And far more effortless

Than when you turn it into an ordeal

That lasts hours and hours

And drives you batch-it crazy ????

I’m here,


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