7-Second Thoughts January 28, 2024

Between a rock and a prospect

If you get stuck on a call with a non-buyer, start taking really, really, really good notes.

Taking extra good notes will help you:

Stay engaged in the conversation

Leave your prospect with a good impression of your business

And provide you with an exit strategy from the call

Your non-buyer sales call exit strategy might look something like this:

If all you’re doing is taking careful notes

All of your disruptive thoughts will fall away

Leaving you open to catching a bit of their insight

A real gem about their business

And yours

That you can repeat back to them

Word for word

Thanking them for this wisdom

Truly and sincerely

Which … for reasons unbeknownst to me

Causes them to end the call quickly

And kindly.

Immediately after the call:

Take those same words of wisdom

And send them out

In an email, LinkedIn, or blog post

To your prospects.

I’m here,


P.S. Here’s the wisdom that was imparted to me on a recent call where my prospect did not buy: Our mind can’t retain something that it has not created. It’s what you do with the information that will depend on how you retain it. You must create something from it. Instead of just a wavelength, make it physical evidence. Catch the little idea, put it into action, and then improve upon it.

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