7-Second Thoughts January 22, 2024

Beware of prospects bearing “honey-do’s”

It’s their polite way of saying, “honey, please go away.”

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

You’re nearing the end of a prospecting call when it’s time to either ask for the sale or ask for another appointment, when you hear these dreaded four words:

“Why don’t you send me … “


A one-sheet?

A pdf?

A digital brochure?

A case study?

Your portfolio?

When you first started out, this seemed promising – dare I say a “buying sign.” Which led you to following up with things like “did’ja get my download? My 1-sheet? My portfolio? How ’bout that pdf? How ’bout ALL of them?

Which they never, ever, evereverever, evereverevereverevereverever responded to.

Because it was, in reality, anything but a buying sign.

It was a sign that they did not get the value they were hoping for.

That’s ok.

If your goal was to make a sale or book another appointment

All is not lost.

Rather than accept your prospect’s terms

Consider this reply instead:

I’d be happy to! In the meantime, can I sign you up for my email list as a way of keeping in touch?

Seems like a fair trade, no?

And then double down doing your level best to offer as much value

As consistently as you can

To prospects that have given you permission to show up in their inbox

With much more valuable content

That they actually want

And really need

But just didn’t know

How to ask for.

I’m here,


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