7-Second Thoughts April 23, 2024


Would you be happy with a lesser amount of coin?

The reason I think it’s a question worth asking:

As I reach the pricing stage

Of a new offering I’m developing

Coming up with the answer(s) to:

What would I do for a smaller sum of money?

Loosens up the mind considerably

See if this helps:

When it comes to generosity

You might consider playing with it

By asking yourself

How much do I want to give? A lot? Or a little?

And answering as honestly

Or as playfully

As possible:

I’d give my most valuable stuff and all of my time away for free!

I wouldn’t offer a single thing unless I got a million dollars!

Somewhere in between!

Somewhere even more extreme!

Batting the idea around

Like a dolphin playing with her food

Could stand to bring you

A more positive return

On happiness.

I’m here,


P.S. For me personally, this question immediately brought to mind people I’ve really wanted to work with in the past that couldn’t afford my services. Realizing that this new offering might allow these people – and these types of people – to come back into my life, has relaxed my heart – and my wallet – considerably.

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