7-Second Thoughts April 20, 2024

Build the email list while flying it

I have this chicken/egg/coldstart situation: No website, no newsletter, no online presence. Starting literally from zero. Where do I start? Start writing daily even with no subscribers, then promote on LinkedIn?” ~ New 7-Second Daily Email subscriber’s question

See if this helps:

Think of a problem your prospect has and offer a possible solution. 

You really could go on for many, many days

Weeks even! Heck, months!

Writing emails with a problem-solution format

Just make sure you offer a suggestion of how your reader (prospect) might solve it themselves without ever buying anything from you

Think pure, generous, free heart

As far as who to send those emails to:

Weird thing is, as you write your emails and publish them, you’ll also start to come up with names of people you could ask to be on your list. 

You can reach out to those people on LinkedIn with this message:

“Hey [FIRST NAME], totally ok to say no, but I’m starting a daily email and would love to get your feedback. Also totally ok to unsubscribe. Can I sign you up?”

So … whaddayasay?

You wanna give it a go?

I’m here,


P.S. As my mentor and friend Jonathan Stark (who taught me how to do this seemingly impossible thing) always says, Daily is easier than weekly.

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