7-Second Thoughts October 25, 2023

Burn after sending

When the messages you send are followed by a tinge of regret.

Did’ja ever notice that there are emails

Particularly ones that have higher stakes attached to them

That almost as soon as you press SEND

There it is

A little pain

A little tightness

A little concern

Was that the right thing? What will they think?

For some business owners, that self-doubt actually keeps them from launching their entire website.

Not even kidding.

But even on a smaller scale

It stings.

Before you press send:

Take a hot second to imagine your reader

Having what you would consider to be

An ideal reaction

To what you are sending.

Something like:

Yup, I am totally pickin’ up what you are puttin’ down.

It sounds counterintuitive

And a bit presumptuous

But here’s why it works:

It will give you just enough energy

And ease

To go back

And make the tweaks

That allow you

To send that bad boy

With confidence.

I’m here,


P.S. If you forget to take a beat before sending and feel that not-so-fun feeling afterward, do that same exercise anyway- yup, after the fact. It will prepare you to write an even better reply to them and – here’s the kicker – it will inspire you to reach out to your next client.

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