7-Second Thoughts February 12, 2024

Cera’s CeraVe vs. Scorcese’s SquareSpese

Why email makes CeraVe the clear winner of last night’s Super Bowl.

Google Squarespace right now, and you’ll get last night’s Martin Scorcese Super Bowl ad for Squarespace in the top spot.


Click on the Squarespace entry, and what’s the first thing you see?

Martin Scorcese

Cool, cool

Similarly, google CeraVe and the first entry will be last night’s Michael Cera Super Bowl ad

Spot on

Click on CeraVe and what do you get?

An offer to sign up for emails from ….

Michael Cera

See if this helps:

If your marketing ends in a website

That might be your only shot at reaching your prospect.

If however, your marketing ends in an email sign-up

You get exponentially more chances to reach your prospect

And if you play your cards right

And see it as a chance to prove your value

Every. Email. Out.

A good chunk of your fans

Will welcome you into their inbox

For life.

I’m here,


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