7-Second Thoughts December 26, 2023

Client as guest host

Part of what makes Saturday Night Live such a success is that every week they make a very talented, very powerful person, who’s used to being in complete control, fit into SNL’s business model

You might even argue that the concept of the show itself is their longest running gag

Which in business terms, goes a little something like this:

Every Monday they take a clueless, non-employee and drop them into a system filled with full time employees who totally know the system – inside and out

They give the non-employee a hard and fast deadline that must be met and the support to make sure they get there — guaranteed.

See if this helps:

From the moment your client walks onto your “set”

Put them to work.

The SNL host doesn’t sit around all day waiting for the sketches to roll in. “Mr. Hamm, your sketches are ready now.” Precisely because it would rob them of the entire experience – stressful as it may be – of doing the show.


Putting your clients to work and giving them mini deadlines along the way, assures them that their deliverable will be delivered precisely on time and that they will love it.

How can you possibly guarantee this?

Put all of your skills and powers of:




And sales

Into getting them ready

For showtime.

I’m here,


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