7-Second Thoughts November 4, 2023

Cloud services shloud shervices

If what you do seems complicated, focus on who you help and what they get out of it.

I have a friend who sells cloud services.

I’ve known him for years.

He’s explained it.

His sales team has explained it.

And I do kind of understand it.

But as much as I hate to say it

I do not care.

I’m sorry.

I just can’t get there.

Which sucks because they’re amazing.

And I don’t know how to refer them.

Their website has changed over the years many many times … many different iterations … many different headlines … all trying to talk about cloud services … what they offer … how long they’ve been in business … who they’ve been in business with … yada, yada, yada …

And then they reached out. And it was different.

They don’t sell cloud services anymore!

Ok, they do. But not really.

They help companies that rely on scrap metal in their manufacturing save money by reducing scrap metal waste.







And yes, their clients will be receiving the benefits of cloud services in order to achieve their ideal outcome.

But that’s another story

That does not belong

At the top of the page.

I’m here,


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