7-Second Thoughts November 13, 2023

Death of my salesman

Make friends whenever possible. It is always possible.

Sol Freed owned a wildly successful furniture store in Dallas for 45 years

Along with his sister Pearl

And his 2 brothers, Joe and Bernard.

Even after he “retired”

He never stopped selling

And by selling

I mean asking questions:

About your kids

Your job

What are doing now?

Who are your customers?

What do you love?

Who do you love?

Can I get you something to eat?

Let’s go get something to eat.

He was so intensely curious

That by the end of the conversation

You were no longer interested in buying:

That sectional

That dinette set

That bedroom suit

What you really wanted

All you really wanted

Was to see him


I’m here,


P.S. Uncle Sol died yesterday morning in Dallas. He spent his 94 years showing us just how good life could be.

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