7-Second Thoughts January 18, 2024

Designers are not not writers

Just like an accountant would never refer to herself as “Accountant, Not Writer.”

And yet, for some reason we think of graphic designers and art directors

As the opposite of copywriters

Almost like they’re not allowed to write

Like it’s a union thing … ?

But here’s the thing:

Attorneys are Not Writers

Sucks for you, John Grisham

Doctors are Not Writers

Too bad, so sad, Michael Crichton

In reality, it stands to reason

That because graphic designers

Are so intimately involved in marketing and advertising

And just plain good communicating

People like:

Paula Scher

Mark Zukor

Aaron Draplin

Stefan Sagmeister

Gary Goldsmith

Chip Kidd

Allan Peters

Cipe Pineles

Chris Avantaggio

This list alone could take up weeks and weeks of daily emails

No more need a copywriter

Than a fish needs a bicycle

Which leads us to one of the most common questions I get asked by designers:

Q: I need to write my client’s website, but I’m not a copywriter?

A: Good, it means you get to hog it.*

I’m here,


*Take 100% of the profit.

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