7-Second Thoughts October 15, 2023

Do impressions of your clients

If you want to figure out your client’s problems, you have to find the words THEY use.

And let me say this:

You will be shocked by how well you know your clients’ words

Even their tone

Their mannerisms

Their phrasing

Their eccentricities

Why do you know them so well?

It’s part and parcel of being good at what you do:

Living inside your clients’ heads.

See if this helps:

If you can take a minute or two – don’t overthink it – when your clients come to you, how would they state their problem?

Basically in the form of complaints

Even to the point of whining. 

Just as an exercise:

Try filling in these blanks:

Hey [YOUR NAME HERE], we got problems. Revenue is ____. We’ve got no _____ My people are ___. My business is ____. The ___ is completely ____. What the heck are we s’posed to do? Can you help?

Try to prompt as much of their words, phrasing, particulars as possible. 

Here’s the thing:

If you can put your clients’ problems

In their words

As opposed to yours

They will recognize themselves

On your website

Your emails

Heck, even your calendly invite questionnaires

And trust you.

I’m here,


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