7-Second Thoughts October 29, 2023

Does your laptop make it weird?

Done right, taking notes from your laptop doesn’t have to look sales-y.

If you’re meeting a prospect for coffee

Or even a casual acquaintance

For networking purposes

Taking notes is a sign

That you value their time

And that you want to understand

The value they’re offering you.

See if this helps

Try and get there early so that you can take your time setting up your machine

So when your guest arrives

You can break the ice

By simply saying:

I hope you don’t mind my taking a few notes. I’m an insanely curious person and I’m more than happy to send you the doc when we’re done. Is that ok?

Here’s the kicker:

Your conversation will be far more fruitful

You will listen better

Remember more

And be even more prepared

For your next meeting.

I’m here,


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