7-Second Thoughts November 30, 2023

Empathy without icky

It can be difficult to empathize with your prospect on a sales call without feeling like you’re pandering.

But you can get so good at articulating your prospect’s pain

How unique it is

And how well you understand it

Know it

And live it

With such crazy super specific specificity

That your prospect literally shouts

Yes! That is exactly what we’re going through!

See if this helps:

The more stabs you take at articulating your prospect’s struggle

On your own

Say, on your website

Or through your content

The more you will

Without even thinking

Begin to listen for it

And that’s when your prospect will give voice to their predicament

More insightfully


And more crazy super specifically

Than you could ever hope to.

I’m here,


P.S. And when they do, take very good notes. If the call is recorded, go back and watch it. Because at that moment, your prospect is writing parts of your website, your sales scripts, your LinkedIn profile – and so much more – for you.

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