7-Second Thoughts July 3, 2023

Have an agenda for no-show’s

Just keep working as if your prospect were right on time.

We all get no-shows

It happens.

But you can prepare for them

So that you can make sure you get something from them.

Even if it’s just how you prepare for them in the future.


You should benefit before the call even begins.

See if this helps:

The minute the call starts

Start working.

It could be diving into your prospect’s LinkedIn profile

Their website

Adding or subtracting questions to your agenda


Assuming you’ve already done all of that

And feel good about it

Write your marketing outreach

For your own business.

All of this is to keep your head in the right space

And maintain momentum

For your prospect

If they do show

And keep your day on the right track

If they don’t.

I’m here,


P.S. Here’s a script that’s worked quite well for potential no-show’s. 5 MINUTES AFTER START-TIME: Hey, I’m in the zoom. Is now still a good time? 15 MINUTES AFTER START TIME: I missed you in our zoom. Is everything ok?

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